Recording and Steromix problem.

By coast
Aug 16, 2007
  1. Hi,

    i'm using a ASUS P5K-VM LGA 775 Intel G33 uATX Intel Motherboard,
    with onboard sound using Realtek HD Audio.

    I use a program called Ventrilo that allows me to use a microphone
    and talk to other game players while i play my games.

    Today, i just got this motherboard and installed it, running windows XP prof.

    Now, the problem is that while i'm recording using my microphone, for some
    reason my stereo mix and my mic are mixing, meaning that if i'm playing music
    and i decide to say something to someone else through ventrilo, they can hear the music, and themselves included. I've went into my recording options and can't figure out how to fix it, and have never seen my bars grey, and none movable before this board or sound board w/e.

    I've also used windows recorder to test if my Ventrilo program was acting up, and still the same problem.
    I played music while talking and heard both. I'm using a Headset btw, with a microphone built in.

    Here's an example of what i'm talking about.


    If anyone can help me trouble shoot this, it would be VERY appreciated.
  2. coast

    coast TS Rookie Topic Starter


    alcohol. i decided to get myself plastered off my ***, and mess around with this bad boy, and finally got it.

    if you're experiencing the same problem, go into the realtek hd manager, and go to recording, and click on the little wrench. you need to make sure that you have multi-streeming enabled. cheers.
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