Recovering files following system restore in Windows XP

By chrisp31
Dec 28, 2005
  1. Hello All,

    Having a spot of bother. Following virus infection, I followed a web sites instructions on how to remove it, up to the point it told me to reboot into safe mode everything was going fine. Once I selected safe mode, my pc would not reboot. I tried going in normally, safe mode several times, msdos prompt and a boot disc but could not get windows to load. So I selected F10 and entered into recovery mode. System recovery took 40 minutes and everything was back - or so I thought. Unfortunately my wife has some images of our wedding, engagement, halloween, holidays etc....which she had not backed up !! These images could be seen in explorer under c:\documents and settings\owner\YOURV70Y5L24PG.001\my documents\Helen_New\Photos - but could not be opened. Being told that deleted files can be overwritten I moved this folder to my documents, now I cannot see the folder contents or access them......I have looked at various pieces of software on the internet to restore files, but they all work on the principle of restoring backed up files were not backed up. The folder itself shows no size, but it is marked as read only........Can these precious images be recovered in any way? And is using my PC now to further download software running a chance of overwriting these files?

    Your help is much sought after......

    An eagerly awaiting response - Chris Prior, S.Yorks, England - UK :confused:
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