Researchers provide an update on DARPA-funded telescopic contact lens

By Shawn Knight
Feb 14, 2015
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  1. The annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference served as the platform for researcher Eric Tremblay to provide an update on a project we first caught wind of more than a year and a half ago.

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  2. SirGCal

    SirGCal TS Maniac Posts: 365   +136

    New meaning to Goldeneye!
  3. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Evangelist Posts: 3,541   +2,337

    This is actually pretty cool. A few more years and they might be able to cram some more sophisticated tech in there and produce a HUD. Link it to a Smartphone...

    I'm playing the Deus Ex angle here.
  4. Ean Mogg

    Ean Mogg TS Rookie

    What about the Pilkington Holographic Lens that was in the UK News about 10 years ago ,,which now I think about it went awfully quiet after they invented it,, must have had a d'notice slapped on it and the military took it over..umm
  5. Badvok

    Badvok TS Booster Posts: 121   +50

    So they have invented a contact lens that you need to wear glasses with - WTF?

    I think I'll stick to putting on and taking of my magnifying glasses - easier and cheaper.

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