Resize C partition from G using PartitionMagic 8.0,then can't enter D,E,F partition!

By yan
Mar 1, 2005
  1. My Computer have C,D,E,F,G 5 partitions,total 40GB,originally C only has 5GB, G have 20 GB, I want to use PartitionMagic 8.0 to resize C from 5GB to 15GB.
    Because C only have 100MB left , so I install Partition Magic 8 to D partition, after the system restart and resize the C partition ,I found only C and G partition were ok, others only have the partition mark, D,E,F ,but have no information and can't enter them. and also I found the Partition Magic8 can't work.
    with Now C has 15GB and G has 10GB, I install the Partition Magic 8 to C,and run it , in the soft, I found D,E, F all were ok,using the check errors function can find no error. I use a win98 CD to start the computer and run scandisk & Chkdsk D,E, F ,but found no errror.
    except format D,E,F, I don't know how to recover them, I hope I can get your help!
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 8,165

    The only way to this, is by resizing first and then moving everything.
    For this to work, your G-partition must have more than 10GB free. If not, delete some stuff or burn it onto CD.

    Example current setup:

    What you want is:

    The only way to do this is:
    1) RESIZE G from 20 to 10GB, at the END of the former G-space.

    2) MOVE F to the right, next to G

    3) MOVE E to the right, as in 2)
    4) MOVE D to the right, as in 2)

    5) RESIZE C to include the free space, so it becomes 15GB

    What you have done, is to wipe the contents of D and E probably, by expanding the C-drive.
    That's why they make manuals and have help-files and wizards.
    I am afraid you lost your data.
  3. yan

    yan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    further question

    Thank you realblackstuff!
    Actually when I resized C from G using the PM8.0 guidance,it showed that there were 6 steps would be carried out. As what you have replied,
    at first moving data in G then empty 10GB,
    adding it to F,then moving data in F and empty 10GB,
    step5 last add 10GB to C partition.

    But I think maybe the key point is that the position of the PM8.0,at the first time PM8.0 has to be installed to D partition because of the C space limitation. Then only the first and the last two steps of the 6 steps process have been carried out , the steps of moving data in F,E ,D haven't been carried out. Then after the operation system start, I found the D,E,F partition only have the name but no more information. and also the PM8.0 can't work.
    After I reinstall PM8.0 in C, and run it , information about D,E,F can also be found ,such as the size of the partition and the used part size. I try the same work, adding 100MB from G to C, this time all 6 steps work properly. But the operation system-WINXP Sp2 still can't give more information about D,E,F. as I click the D,or E,or F, it show a message window "the partition has not be formatted,do you want to format it?"
    What I want to know is whether my analysis is right and more important, can I recover the D,E,F partition?
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 8,165

    I work with 2 harddisks, so the step to reinstall PM onto another partition was not considered (in my example).
    What you SHOULD have done, is ASK BEFORE you let loose.
    I doubt very much that you can recover those partitions.
    The way you started expanding C, immediately took space (and data) away from the D and F partitions presumably.
    Hope you made a backup first!
    Maybe someone else knows if that data is recoverable?
  5. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,581

    yep run file scavenger
    those files are still there only way to not get them is if
    disc where files where is over written 0 fill or LLF (same thing)
    I am sure there will be some lost files
    but you should be able to get most back
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