By Fizics
Nov 5, 2006
  1. ive checked my cpu and mother board and there running cool but when i start to play any game after say 15-30 minutes i get a random restart ... is this my video card overheating ? or somthing else
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  3. Fizics

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    i made sure all my drivers were up to date

    checked my psu and the only thing running off is the +12 its at 11.26-11.46 im unsure if this is the problem

    made sure windows auto restart was off etc... and still having issues.

    left the computer on to go see a movie came back and had a black screen no response from mouse or keyboard. had to push power button

    and ontop of this all my temps are fine

    so im at a loss as to what it is the only idea is the psu but i would have no idea how to comfirm this

    any help would be apreciated
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    Hmmmm,11.26 volts is a little on the low side!!!! What make and wattage is your psu????
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  6. Fizics

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    My psu is a 500w Rosewill also despite the note below it is still running on the low side of

    [note: i removed my old (+5 years or so) IDE HDD and things seem to be running better i had windows on my new SATA drive and evrey thing else on the IDE's will keep posted}
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