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Apr 21, 2006
  1. How do you make Windows XP return to the same place in a folder which may contain 100's of files rather than always starting at the top or beginning of the files in the folder? For example, If I open a picture into Photoshop, and then I go to open another picture from the same picture folder, the pointer always starts at the top or beginning of the folder rather than the point where I loaded the previous picture in the folder and so I have to scroll down through many files or pictures to get back to the same point where I loaded the previous picture from.
  2. Nodsu

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    Uhm.. How are you opening the files? Through File-Open in Photoshop?
    Every Open dialog is a unique instance and it'd have to be a specially crafted feature coded into Photoshop.

    If you use an Explorer window, then it does not change the cursor position when you open files in it.
  3. DPC

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    I am using File-Open in Photoshop; and in Sony Vegas software; or in Word Perfect; or whatever. It doesn't matter what program is used, when you come back to the folder to load the next file, the pointer starts at the top again. It also happens if I go to My Computer/my documents/my pictures/ and choose any folder,then choose a picture, look at it; then go to another folder, look at a picture and then go back to the previous folder, the pointer always starts back at the alphabetical top or whatever the sort is. I was hoping there was some registry contents that could be changed to allow coming back to the same item in a folder when you last visited that folder.
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    yeah, somebody crack this one, I'd like to know if it's possible
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    As I said, the feature has to be coded into the program that is using the Open dialog class.

    The common programming practice is to create a new instance of the Open dialog every time a user wants to open something. In order to remember the cursor position, the programmer would have to extract the cursor position from the dialog, save it somewhere and inject the information into the new dialog instance when it is created.

    Windows can not enforce this behaviour in any way, since every Open dialog instance is a new one and can not possibly know anything about the instances before it. Windows would have to have a special "Open dialog service" to keep track of every program using the dialog and save the cursor positions.

    And that's in theory.. I'm not sure if one even can get/put the cursor position in the Windows standard Open dialog..

    Not to mention that programs can implement their own dialogs that are different from the Windows standard..
  6. DPC

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    Thank you for your reply--even if it is not what I wanted to hear. I guess I need to communicate with the software people at Adobe Photoshop. It seems like such a great option -- to be able to remember cursor position -- especially in software that accesses lots of files.
  7. Fiziks

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    yeah :( :unch: <-finally have a legitimate reason to use this emoticon
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