Ripping Sounds and Images from from DVDs

By LMoore
Mar 3, 2005
  1. I have recently been trying to capture images and rip sounds from DVDs but i have not had much success, i have PowerDVD (I think it is 5) which does not have an image capture function, and normal Print Screen does not work, is there a freeware program that anyone is aware of?

    Also, several DVD ripping programs are available free, does anybody know if any of them can just rip the sound to WAV or MP3, as i think this would be a very useful function to have.

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  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    PowerDVD does have a 'capture frame' function, just hit 'C' when you want to capture. You can specify where it captures the images in PowerDVD settings, I think the default is to clipboard.

    As for audio, I think the easiest (or should I say least difficult?) is SmartRipper in its stream processing mode, but it doesn't convert the audio track to WAV or MP3, just copies it, so you need to convert it with another application. See guides at Doom9.
  3. LMoore

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    My version of powerdvd does not have a Capture frame function, pressing C does not do anything whatsoever, the more recent, (more expensive) versions do have, can you suggest a good program i could download somewhere?
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