Rogue Virus/Worm left Registry / Operating System Inoperative

By dreamer4life
Jul 19, 2013
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  1. Hello,

    I have been working on fixing my friends laptop for a week now (most amount of time I have ever put into fixing a computer).

    It had the worst Malware I have ever seen (because it had multiple issues). Even in safe mode nothing was opera-table (that is not a word, I know).

    Anyways, I bombed it with anti-virus programs (that I had to save on to flash drives), with anti-spyware programs, with Registry Cleaners, and all sorts of things. The Rogue Anti-Virus Virus is gone plus all the other crap (there were 2+ Trojans that I was able to find, and I have a feeling there was a bad worm by the symptoms of what went down).

    Anyways, now all my fun "bombing" tools can't find a trace of anything, but the laptop still will not work.

    Everything is disabled. I can not restore to an earlier point (even with a hard boot, I try). The firewall is off, and I get an error code when I try to turn it on, There is no networking area at all for the internet, MS Office programs say that the license does not work and that an update failed. All kinds of things are out of wack.

    I have tried everything from the F8 Hard Boot menu, for "Repairs" and from the F10, are to reset the entire computer.

    Here is a link to my post in the Male-ware Forum, they recommended coming here.


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