Router problems (I think)

By zeekius
Aug 31, 2010
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  1. so heres the story. this morning me and my bro decided to change our isp, the router worked fine without a hich, the internet was never down, but after we changed it. it became hell, ofcourse we reseted it to apply the new internet settings (LAN).
    well the internet was on for 7 minutes, off for 40 minutes and it kept repeating that, i called the isp and they said everything was normal on their end, so i decided to restart the router, and sure enough the internet was back on instantly! for 10 - 20min. if i restart it again it goes back on again, but if i leave it alone it takes 40 min to ge back on again. the router model is Vivanco Wireless LAN 4-port Router 54Mbps

    is i could get any assitance, id glady appreaciate it.

    we use the ports, not the wireles, one pc is xp sp3 and the other vista sp2
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    make sure you have a wireless adapter on the computer you are trying to connect, if you have make sure its connected and switched on if not you can buy a usb wireless adapter for your computer for about £10 - 15 from your local computer shop.
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