SATA 3.0 gb speed on old motherboard...doable?

By foycur
Jul 8, 2007
  1. My specs on my current PC are below in my signature, and I feel it's time to make the leap to SATA. My motherboard only supports speeds for SATA up to 150 MB/S, but newer SATA drives are faster. Will buying a SATA drive faster than the allowable speed rating on my mobo cause problems? I'll eventually pull out this dinosaur of a motherboard, so I want something that will upgrade itself once I upgrade the mobo.
  2. Nodsu

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    Once again, the hard drive interface speed is totally irrelevant - the seek time and sustained throughput are all that matters. The claim that newer hard drives are somehow "faster" than SATA150 is bollocks. No SATA hard drive can do more than 100 MB/s, which is well below the SATA150 limit.

    You can use a SATA300 drive no problem and the performance loss will be nonexistent.
  3. foycur

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    sweet, thanks for the info. I always know I can come here to get a question guys rock.
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