SATA problem, causes registry corruption(1205SA + WD800JD)

By DragonMaster
Jun 20, 2005
  1. Since I've got(for 4 months) my Adaptec 1205SA(SiI3112A) controller card and my WD WD800JD, I've had to re-install Windows 2000 at least 15 times.

    Either c:\winnt\system32\config\system or c:\winnt\system32\config\software are becoming corrupted.

    Now that I backup my registry(Using Linux or recuperation console), it's less a pain, but it's still annoying.

    If I stop the computer using the ATX button, it will say "Saving current settings..." for 1/2 a second and shut down before the popup disappears. Microsoft calls this an emergency shut down, but on every other computers I have using Windows 2000, it's not doing this.

    What I suppose to be the problem is the greyed "Enable disk caching" box in the Windows HDD settings because I never got a problem in Mandrake Linux 10.1.
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