Sata question.

By Ludwig
Sep 20, 2005
  1. Hello all!! First post here.. :)

    Just got a brand new computer.. no software is installed.. not even the OS.
    I only have 1 SATA HDD to work with.. 1 DVD Rom drive.. The motherboard is a P5GD1-VM.. of course more then that.. no need to say though..

    In the motherboard's "USER GUIDE" it don't say that much about useing Sata HDD's...

    Ok, when I turn on the computer it don't see the HDD at all. just the DVD Rom drive.. I have turned the boot drive to the DVD Rom drive.. Am I missing something else or can that Sata work solo?

    If not then what should I do about it? Please and Thanks..
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    First off, the only mobos that can see a sata drive that _I know of_ are the Intel 865 and later chipsets. They see all sata drives if the drives are functional and connected.

    My guess is that you need to boot from the cdrom into the windows install program if you're installing windows, and when it calls for hit f6 for 3rd party driver for raid/scsi, you do what it says. Far as I know you have to make a floppy with the sata card's driver on it and place it in the computer when it's called for.
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