Searching for IDE drives...

By mdavis501
Nov 6, 2005
  1. On cold boot only, I get a POST message that says "Searching for IDE drives ...."; after about 3-4 minutes it then

    says, "Status: Off-line. Problem is detected with array 1. Reboot and select proper boot device...". Re-setting the

    machine will not remedy, but turning off and back on will usually get a clean boot. Once the system is running,

    there are no problems whatsoever.

    System: ASUS A8V Deluxe - Via K8T800 Pro Chipset and AMD Atholon 64 FX-55 processor, 2 GB DDR Memory (PC3500); 2 x

    74GB Western Digital Raptors SATA; 2 x 400GB Hitachi 7200 rpm SATA/150; 16x Plextor DVD R(PX-716A) and 52x Lite On

    CD-RW; Windows XP professional w/Service Pack 2. 600W Enermax Power supply.

    Configuration of Raptor Harddrives: RAID 2+0 Stripe
    Hitachi Harddrives are SATA

    Facts: The company from which I bought this system sent a tech out to my house and I watched him replace the entire

    motherboard and all memory. Problem reappeared in one day. Next the company replaced the power supply. Problem

    immediately reappeared. Next I sent the entire system back to the company and they said that they replaced all

    parts, including cables (with new ones, but same type). Problem reappeared on my very first boot.

    Since all parts have been replaced with new ones (I can only truly vouch for the motherboard, memory and powersupply,

    but the harddrives look like new ones), this makes me think that this problem is related to these particular

    components not working well together. I have searched the internet and other hardware forums for similar problems,

    but cannot find anything that matches the problem I am experienceing.

    Any ideas on a solution?

    Mike D
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