Sending not Receiving packets

By Coreduo
Mar 4, 2006
  1. Hello, new to the board ;)

    This just recently started happening btw. I have a cable modem hooked up to a linksys router supplied by vonage. An Apple Airport wireless router is also hooked up to said router. I also have a rj-45 line hooked up to main pc. Until recently, I didn't have any problems connecting to the internet. I disabled my on board sound card via the BIOS because I was installing a new sound card. After that, I could no longer connect to the internet. The system tray shows that I am connected, but upon further inspection I am only sending, not receiving packets. Thinking it was a software error, I reinstalled Windows. Same problem. I know my router is ok because I have a mac that I use on it all the time via the rj-45 connection. I typed ipconfig /all in the command prompt and received what seemed to be a valid output. I had a valid IP address for my router, subnet mask, default gateway, etc. Thinking my NIC was fried, I tried connecting via a wireless connection. No dice, same thing. Here are my system specs:

    AMD Athlon XP 2400+
    768 MB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT
    Soundblaster Live 5.1
    Windows 2000 Pro

    My NIC is an Nvidia nForce ethernet controller. I also tried reenabling my onboard sound card thinking that was problem, but I still could not receive packets. I can ping my ip, but everytime I ping the router all of the packets are lost. I even tried connecting directly to the modem. Still nothing.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am at work at the moment so I can't do anything physically with the system. Thanks!
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