Serious Annoying Problems Help!

By kimbo.ati
Jun 24, 2005
  1. I have all these errors occuring on my computer.

    CPU:i fixed the computers automatic reset and critical errors during games but i had to under-clock the cpu i order to fix this problem.

    HARD DRIVE: whenever i turn my computer "on" (not on resets) it says "insert system disk and i have to type "fixboot" then reset so i can use my computer everyday.

    GRAPHICS CARD: i had to install an Nvidia then install my ati card just to get it to work because it had problems loading the login screen it would hang then reset.(tryed everything)

    RANDOM ERROR: i installed a msi motherboard utillity to check temoerate ETC
    it said my cpu was 129degrees ? i checked in bios and it was only 43degrees.


    System Specs:

    Amd athlon xp 2800+ (FSB @ 160)
    MSI-Kt4v (no bios updates)
    2x 512 DDR400 pc3200
    Western digital 8mb cache 7200rpm 200gb
    Sapphire 9700 pro ultimate edtion
    thermaltake purepower 420W
  2. Secondgunman

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    AH read the lower one I was stupid. :monkey: <<< should be sheep. :confused:
  3. Secondgunman

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    It maybe that but you having to fix boot is making me woulder, that maybe a harddrive problem.

    What I would do is update the Bios and then reinstall the O/S if you are using XP I would try the repair instalation or Update option, if that wont work then try a fresh install. I would allso make shure you are using all updated drivers for that O/S. Aside from that nothing is coming to mind you shure do have something causing the boot sector to coruptand it may or maynot be causingother problems.

    I know ontime I have a bab harddrive and nomatter what I did it would not work, at the same time I had a failing PSU and CMOS Batt, even thought the system was two week old. To this day I think the system was droped and Dell just put it in a new box, the batt was just a bad batt from day one.

    I realy don't have unknowen problems like that, for a se I thought you were using Intel and was going to rant :hotouch: :knock: ... But you are not, this is odd and I realy don't know at this time.
  4. IronDuke

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    Any chance of confining this problem to a single thread?
  5. kimbo.ati

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    yes i will certainly update the bios but i jst installed windows xp professional
    so i wont format unless it just dosent work :D
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