SERIOUS "Hardware Configuration Problem"

By MutantX
Oct 21, 2005
  1. Good evening,

    Two weeks ago I got a message when the computer was booting up that said "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware"

    This message was in conjunction with a repetitive clunking noise eminating from the hard drive. I immediately assume the hard drive failed and went out and got a new one. The old hard drive is a WD 160 GB SATA and the new one is a Hitachi 250 GB SATA drive.

    I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU and an ASUS A7N8X-E mother board. I built this system less than a year ago. Upon booting from the Windows XP CD and hitting F6 to add the Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA Raid controller OS drivers I was able to select the new Hitachi HD for installation of Win XP. When it completed it's reboot and restarted windows I was surprised to see the exact same "hardware configuration" error message that I originally got with the WD HD that I assumed was no good anymore. Frustrated at this I shut the computer off and went to bed.

    The next day I started the computer to try to solve the problem, but upon booting I did not get the error message and it loaded Win XP from the SATA drive. I thought my problem was fixed, but when I installed the NVidia sound drivers and had to restart XP when the computer rebooted I got the same "hardware configuration" error. It has happened everytime I start the computer.

    I did a search on this website and found a solution at, but after getting through all the steps listed in the 3rd post once I get to step 8 and select the 1st item on the boot menu I get the same error message.

    I've even followed the steps in this thread with no success. The same error message pops up.

    I need help bad! Does anyone have a viable solution. Thanks!
    -Seriously Frustrated
  2. MutantX

    MutantX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One additional piece of info

    I ran the Drive Fitness Test on the Hitachi HD and it came back with a 0X00 code (ie. no error). I haven't hooked the WD HD back up to check it as well, but I suspect it will turn out alright as well.
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