Serious problems with volume control

By jacobnixon
Oct 15, 2007
  1. Several problems have surfaced recently on my Compaq Presario R3000. Following a big storm, I found that it will no longer recognise Ethernet cable, the touch pad becomes non-responsive for minutes at a time and the most bizarre problem of all is the volume.

    When I click on the volume icon in the taskbar, the volume window appears and the volume bar is all the way down. If I use the volume buttons on the side of the laptop to try & raise the bar, the system becomes muted and the "mute all" square becomes checked inside of the volume window. If I click and hold the bar and drag it upwards, the bar will raise along with the pointer, but the moment I stop dragging it, it immediately begins to fall on its own until its all the way down again. The only way to keep the volume stable is to raise the bar manually and hold the up arrow on the keyboard. Again, though, letting go of the arrow causes the volume to fall on its own back to the bottom.

    I've tried updating drivers, uninstalling the audio hardware, and searched all over the internet for clues and i'm finding nothing. anyone have any ideas?

  2. tipstir

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    Welcome to Techspot
    Go into safe mode and can you see the desktop features?

    Reboot the PC
    Press F8 click on safemode
    type in the admin and password
    If you can see the features you need.
    Then you might have to delete profile you use to login
    Windows will re-create a new one.

    If the Big Storm did a power surge on the desktop then you might have lost or it got corrupted or something in the OS. Might have to re-install Windows again on that PC.
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