Siemens SK65 - Reading audio file trouble

By unD!
May 31, 2007
  1. Hey, there!

    I recently obtained a Siemens SK65 from my dad, as he purchased a new phone. Anyway, I've connected it to my computer, but I noticed it doesn't read Mp3 files. I had a browse, and there were a few .wav files. So, I converted a song of mine to .wav and sent it over, but when I open the file, it says 'Play Failed!' I tried few more out, and none of them worked. I understand the phone also plays midi files, but I couldn't find a good converter. It's most likely the same situation. Is there perhaps another way of putting songs onto it?

    Also, I read a few reviews of the phone, and they all say that it has 64mb of total memory, but when I checked my phone (Via my PC - My Computer > Siemens Device > properties) it said it had 8.26mb total.

    Anyway, it's entirely possible these are ridiculous questions, but I honestly have no idea! ><

    Thanks in advance, guys! =)
  2. Tedster

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    some phones have their own formats and may not be able to play MP3s. I suggest you get with the manufactuer.
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