Sim City 4 start error

By Thetopic
Mar 8, 2005
  1. First i would like to say i bought the game.
    well i lost my disc1 cd and a friend of my got the game as a gift and dosent like it so he gave me his disc 1.

    but when i try to play with his cd i my drive i get an error:

    [Title] Cannot locate the SimCity 4 Deluxe play disk [end title]
    printed out as shoent between [] []
    anyone have an idea how to fix???
  2. earth-forever

    earth-forever TS Rookie

    sim city 4 error

    sorry that i can't help, but i have had the same problem with the regular version of the game. i have both discs, but when i run it it says "cannot locate cd-rom" and then "please eject, insert correct cd-rom, and restart the application." can anyone help??
  3. Jampyzi

    Jampyzi TS Rookie

    sim city 4

    if you have a menu : play : uninstall ; read my - dont click on play but press cd 2 normaly yellow cd in the comp and press play . NOT ( cd 1 and play ) but cd 1 in comp wait on menu ( play and uninstall ) now do cd 2 in comp and click play .

    I cant good english but i wanna help
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