simultaneous speaker and usb phone

By esber
Jun 30, 2005
  1. Could anyone please advise me how to enable my speakers so I can listen to my music and at the same time, use my usb voip phone. At the moment, I have to keep changing the device driver from realtek sound card or usb phone. The playback could only be on either one. Is there any equipment of splitter I can buy so I dont have to keep changing the device driver in the multimedia section of my control panel. My pc case has option for plug for output plug in back and front but my motherboard maybe does not support it. I was told that I could have the output either at the back or front but never both of them to be used. This is what I was told by the computer man. Presumeing I only can use one output, what are the ways of splitting up the output - one for my pc speaker which takes a normal speaker plug and my usb phone which plugs into my usb. Do you think I need to buy another sound card? sorry for this stupid question. but that is the only way I'll learn.. Please help. My email is Please make subject SOUNDCARD PROBLEM as I get around 100 spams a day. thanks
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