Small Specification Question AVI Radeon X1300

By Deadcell
Jul 29, 2007
  1. Hey guys i was about to purchase a new AVI Radeon X1300 because I havn't purchased a seperate graphic chipset to replace the sucky Intel integrated chipset on the mother board. I need to know if this chipset supports DirectX 9.0c or not b/c many new games use this vesion. If the retail version doesn't, is there an update?? I'd really appriciate to know (preffereable from someone who has or once had this card or a similar card)

    Thank u guys

    Also, i only choose this relatively old and not-to-powerful card b/c u don't have much choice due to lack of PCI Slot compatibility on the E310, or so I've heard. Does anyone know if any other AVI Cards (Xtasy, 7K, 9250, X300SE, etc) are useable with my Dell Demension E310?? I'd really like some advice b4 i purchase anything. Thanks again
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