So I got my 5700LE PCI and...

By lostfuze
Feb 25, 2005
  1. It's actually decent. Doom 3 Demo and HL2 demo both run on the lowest settings pretty good with 256MB RAM.

    Americas Army and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory(w/ True Combat: Elite and Fortress) both run on high settings at 800x600.

    But I definitely need more than it is putting out. Great card for someone who isnt hardcore into video games.

    Sending this back to in a few days, and hopefully I can find someone to buy my emachines system for $250(2.5ghz Celeron w/ 17in CRT) within the next week or so.

    6600GT, here I come! :haha:
  2. vnf4ultra

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    So how much better would you say the 5700le is? Did you bench it? I would guess 2x, but that's just a guess. Does amazon charge restocking? The framerates your getting are "playable" right, just not on high settings? I feel badly if I have led you to make the wrong video card choice. I mean it's about as good as pci gets, but still not great. I should have asked more about what you wanted to play and what is an "acceptable" framerate and resolution to you.
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