Some iPhone users can use their Pebble smartwatch to reply to text messages

By dkpope
Nov 24, 2015
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  1. A select group of Pebble smartwatch users can now reply to their iPhone messages directly through their watch with a voice or prewritten message. Just how select? The feature is a beta release for people who have a Pebble Time, a Time Steel or a Time Round model and are an AT&T postpaid subscriber. If that’s you, congratulations! If not, sometimes life just isn't fair.

    The new feature works for iMessages and SMS texts, but no matter what kind of text you're replying to, the response will be sent and received as an SMS text. So if you're not on an unlimited text plan, keep that in mind. Also, in iMessage, you won't have a history of the reply sent through the Pebble device.

    Pebble announced the feature on their blog where they touted that they are the “first non-Apple smartwatch to bring voice and text replies to our iPhone users.” Well, at least some iPhone users for now. Pebble says that they will continue to work to bring the direct reply feature to more people – although there’s no mention of non-iPhone users.

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  2. Arris

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    I suggested this as the next stage of text messaging evolution as a joke years ago, saying that people will soon use voice to text. Just call the person already!! You might actually have a nice social experience!

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