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Nov 3, 2007
  1. Currently i have 2gb of OCZ Gold PC2 8000 on an ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS. I have been having problems w/ stabiliy. I would like to add more ram, but was thinking if it matters if its the brand or can i get something w/ all the correct specs to fit into my mobo? OCZ or ASUS dont like each other product sometimes and its hard to figure out the stability issues. If any one knows something, let me know. ANY HELP would be AWSOME~~~
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    Did you try increase voltages for the ram and give it more juice. Well since I know that's ddr2, high end ddr2 I'm sure it requires a good amount of power to keep stable. Also. I thought that mobo was up to ddr2 800, and you have 1000. You ever think that when you start up, the default settings may be too high for that mobo to handle. Try decreasing the speed of the ram through the bios if possible. See what happens.
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    well, no, because it says that it will handle 1333 when there is a processor that handles that. I ahve the duo 2.66 4mb cache, and 1333 bus. SO i dont think that is it. It maybe a simple fix, hopefully. I might take back into the comp shop that build it for me.
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    I was wondering, now, the board says mem standard is ddr2 800, does that mean that is teh highest it can get, or is that the min. that is must have?????
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