Sorting out computers at work - think of anything else?

By Legoflamb
May 20, 2010
  1. I'm working for a charity and I'm reponsible at the moment for sorting out the computers here.

    They're all xp p4 3.0 machines.

    They could all benefit from a bit of tweaking and this is the list I've come up with off the top of my head so far:

    Install Antivir

    Use best performance with a bit of tweaking on the memory and visual settings

    Move page file to front of HD

    Make sure adblock is up to date

    Sort out services and startup in msconfig

    Change all homepages on firefox to google.


    I'm just wondering if anyone can think of anything else to do that would speed them up/make more efficient and less annoying? I mean obviously they could probably do with a defrag but time constraints etc and probably not being able to leave them on overnight

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. treetops

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    If you do not need anything on them I would reinstall windows on all the machines.

    You could clean out the dust in the computers with a vacuum clean and blow out any remaining dust with canned air or something of that fashion. Update windows until there are no more updates listed. Also if I was you I would look at the add remove programs list and get rid of any fishy looking, extra back ground running computer bogging down programs. Add automatic updates and scans in antiviri and windows updates.

    Heres a sticky you may have missed in this section of the forums.

    Cleaning up the spyware and vriuses may also help

    make sure to read the

    Important Topic (please read) UPDATED 8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

    if you decide to post there.
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