Sound Card Problem ( help me please. )

By rafiko
May 15, 2004
  1. help me please.

    im pretty much a noob here so correct me if i say anything dumb or wrong.

    i've been having trouble with my speaker system.


    that's what i have.

    so the speakers are fine , they're not the ones that came with it , those broke a long time ago. it's the part that everything plugs into . it's been working pretty good but it's been under some rough conditions lthroughout the year or so ive had it , people accidently kicking it , it's been dropped some times , and been moved around in a car alot, and some of the cords have been roughly pulled but recently , it had a pretty bad fall and now it doesn't turn on anymore , no light or sound or anything happens like normal. i opened it to see if anything was loose or broken but stopped before i did further damage.

    but i was wondering, how the inside should look like ?, like maybe something got bent or knocked out of place but im not sure what i would fix because i don't know how it should be. i don't really have the money to bring it into the shop so i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or information or anything?

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  2. Rick

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    Replacing your sound card might be an option. You can buy cheap cards for as little as $15 these days. Nicer ones for around $25 to $45.

    They are fairly easy to install as well.. Even a complete stranger to computers can install a sound card as long as they follow the directions and aren't afraid to open the case.
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