Sound problems.

By tedraay
Aug 13, 2007
  1. Just signed up and hope some one has found the answer to my problem and I believe that of quite a few others. Just bought myself an HP dx7300 slimline pc. Used my old speakers (desktop speakers and woofer) It all worked well until I watched a dvd. Was working ok but all of a sudden there were some ugly noises, loud and then nothing. Sofar I have tried everything in the book, on the net and asked my son who is a batchelor in computer science. He did not know. The sound card ( part of motherboard) is a realtek hd audio cas97. Now I would like to know why when you play some music either from dvd, cd, or from a music folder, the sound all of a sudden disapears. Realtek does not seem to have the answers. Well, who has.Though they must have developed the drivers. Thanks to anyone who can help me out. Yes I have checked every setting, parameter, connection. The speakers are fine. Cords are ok. Hooked them up to my stereo system. No problem. Downloaded the drivers and installed them again. No luck. Mind you the pc is only 6 weeks old and worked perfectly untill yesterday. SOS and Mayday etc.
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