Soundblaster Audigy LS Speaker Problem (Subwoofer/Center Speaker)

By kennethf86
Feb 2, 2005
  1. I have tried all I could possibly do and I cannot come up with an answer, I have a Soundblaster Audigy LS soundcard, and Midiland MX-5 Speakers,these speakers need no drivers, and I have the newest drivers for the Audigy LS soundcard, I have gone through the programs and done so much that I could, I tried the cmss option and my subwoofer just never works. They are properly plugged in according to the instructions that came with the soundcard, I am running out of things to do and I've come here as a last resort, hoping i've given enough information for someone to help, if you need any additional information just let me know and I will do my best to help :)

    Thank you for your time
  2. startingcareer

    startingcareer TS Rookie

    1st thing have u gone to the windows sound panel,

    control panel ; sound and audio devices problem ; under volume tab speaker settings Advance ; check the speaker setup.

    might b default setup is set to sumthing else.

    Other do you have THX console, if so u tried playing around with that and the other extras thown in with the card.

    or u just have a messed sub box, which i highly doubt,
  3. kennethf86

    kennethf86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have run the tests and my subwoofer works properly, I can plug the sub into my rear speaker port and the subwoofer picks up, but then I don't have any surround sound which is why I bought these speakers. I have the windows settings on the 5.1 speakers, I have messed around with all the options that I could.

    all I know is the analog/digital out on my soundcard is not working, it's not being recognized by anything but the Creative program to test each speaker when it's put on "noise", so I know it is working properly, it's just I think I need some sort of a program or update or something so other programs pick it please

    ---ok close this thread down, I fixed it---
    and since others might have this problem of their own, I popped in the cd and went to modify, and there was an option of "restore defaults" so I installed it, restarted and went to start, went to creative found the restore defaults, ran it, went to the creative speaker setup and I took it off digital output only or whatever, restarted and all my speakers work now.
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