Spam + friend's e-mail

By Maurice
Mar 20, 2005
  1. Since changing my ISP, I shook off masses of ludicrous sex-orientated e-mails whiched flooded in at the rate of 20-25 a day.
    Now there is just one, "***SPAM***", which, up to now, are one or two daily, some days none, & they've been innocuous, the majority apparently from M/Soft, complete with their logo, offering deals [in $'s] on hardware/software items, up to today, that is, when one received, was " ***SPAM*** Super f****r's order 63 GCD...."
    Not only this, I got an absolutely genuine e-mail from a pen-friend, I know it to be genuine as she always uses a green background, & the content was normal, mentioning things that I had I had sent previously, the worrying thing is that the message heading was "Edna [her name] ***SPAM*** usual chat"....very strange, as if the spam e-mail got mixed with a genuine e-mail heading, how could that be?, it doesn't seem to me as if someone is hacking into my e-mails, or at least I hope not,....don't I get some mysteries???

    Please help,

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