Sporadic Mouse Inputs

By Saladen
May 25, 2007
  1. I recently got a pretty used Dell Latitude C600 for a friend. I've used it myself before so I can answer all questions immediately. The problem is that the small mouse in the middle of the keyboard (some people keep calling it a nipple?) seems to be broken. It moves on its own as if its bent or something. Eventually it'll stop moving on its own if you really mess with it for a few minutes. The person I bought it from suggested that he thought it was a driver issue but it seemed more hardware based to me. For now the person who owns the laptop is using a usb mouse but the sporadic inputs happen regardless. Is there anyway we can disable the nipple and/or any trackpad inputs. For instance Apple has a thing in the system preferences that lets you disable the trackpad when a mouse is present. Is there anything we can type on the command prompt or download to do this?
    Thanks for you help
  2. NetCablesPlus

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    I have had the same problem with the eraser head mouse (that's what I call it, anyway) and found that it was dust under the eraser head. You can try blowing out the dust under the keyboard and see if that helps. Otherwise, you can turn it off by going to Control Panel ----> Mouse and then click on 'disable stick/pad when USB pointing device is present' (assuming that you will be using an external mouse off of your USB port.
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