St-Lab broadband password problem

By francisco_h
Jan 15, 2005
  1. Hi, i have a St-lab broadband router model IPR-4P-EUR-1 and i lost my admin password, what can i do to recover it or to restore the factoy setings of my router?

    Please somebody help!!!!!!!

    i need to change some setings on it....

    Thanks for the help :suspiciou
  2. lareq

    lareq TS Rookie

    1. Set the Broad Router to Default Settings:

    a) Turn off the power of the IPR-4P Router.
    b) And take one straight-through Cat.5 LAN cable.
    c) Connect one end of the cable to WAN port, and the other end to any LAN port of IPR-4P.
    d) Turn on the power to the IPR-4P router and wait around 30 seconds.
    e) All setting values will be cleared and back to factory default value.
    f) Remove the straight-through cable.

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