starex 256 MB USB drive question.. T_T

By enciel
Dec 23, 2006
  1. hello i got this as a gift from our exchange gift yesterday and could not figure out how to make it work..i plug it and nothing happens no usb drive detected its like i inserted it and its just there no detection T_T

    it's different from the usb flash drive that i know since you don't insert it directly to the USB port rather it has a small USB cord where i have to insert the USB flash drive first then plug the cord to the USB port on the back of my pc. I made an image of how it looks like if it sounds confusing [forgive my drawing]

    it had a small cd with it but it says its only required if you have windows 98 and below but since i am using xp i think no installation needed ryt?

    i did try to install[for the hope it might work T_T] it but yeah i cant install it since it says its for win 98 and below

    can anyone help me how to make it work T_T
  2. mailpup

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    While I'm not familiar that brand, if I'm not mistaken, the cable is just an extension cable to make it more convenient to plug in the drive. If you have front mounted USB ports on your PC, you don't need the extension. I have some PNY flash drives and they came with an extension cable. Try plugging the drive directly into a USB port.
  3. enciel

    enciel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hello i tried plugging it without the cord but it just wouldnt fit in the usb port so i am guessing i need the cord to make it work i tried it to the other pc in our house and it is not detected either so i guess that my pc wasnt at fault, i just didnt know how to make it work

    i found a picture similar to what i am using
  4. mailpup

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    Is there any model number or name? The only other Starex thing I could find that comes close is an MP3 player but this doesn't seem right for that.
  5. Tedster

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  6. nickc

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    also does it have to be turned on?
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