Start-up problem .... :-( Help please .

By The Wizard
Feb 8, 2003
  1. My Plll 866 was running fine until a few days ago.
    Windows XP will start up showing desktop without any icons and freezes i.e. you cannot do anything. Not even shutting down.
    Have to turn power off. I also noticed that Northern Anti- virus 2002 is been disabled.
    But if you let it freezes for sometimes say 10 to 15 minutes the icons will show up on the desktop and the computer would work normal including the ADSL internet.
    I would have to manually enable Northern Anti-Virus protection then.
    If I unplug the external ADSL modem or have power shut of to it, the computer would start up normally and works with Anti-Virus enabled.
    And when the ADSL modem is plugged in or power up internet would works just fine.
    I have tried the following without result:-
    Restored system to early date when everything was working fine.
    Re-installed Windows XP, Look & check off some items that may be problem from the Start up.
    Uninstalled & reinstalled the "3 Com software" for ADSL modem.
    I spoke to Telus Tech support and down loaded a program "Ad-ware" to clean up unwanted downloads.

    Any ideas how to fix this ?? TIA.
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Rookie Posts: 2,244

    When you reinstalled XP, was this with a format?

    Also, when did the problem first occur and what was the last change made to the system prior to that?
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