Sticky key on windows login screen

By kingkang
Jan 17, 2006
  1. Hi,

    On the Windows logon screen, my keys are locked. For me to type in the username and password, I have to hold the key for a few seconds before it takes effect. If I just press the key the regular way, it just beeps. Also I do not get the windowsxp welcome screen. I have tried to go to user account and change the way users logon or off and it gives me a message "Client services for netware has disabled the welcomescreen and fast user switching" I have checked the local area connection properties and there is no client services for netware. I have only Client for microsoft networks, file and printer sharing for microsoft networks, qos packet scheduler, internet protocol.

    I have also checked the control panel, accessibility options and there is no check under stickykeys and filterkeys and togglekeys.

    It happens both on the regular mode as well as on the safe mode. I have also tried remote desktop from another computer and the same problem, so I guess it is not the keyboard problem.

    Can someone help me with the stickykey and also the welcome screen.
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