Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'

By Archean
Sep 24, 2010
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  1. One of the most sophisticated pieces of malware ever detected was probably targeting "high value" infrastructure in Iran, experts have told the BBC.

    Stuxnet's complexity suggests it could only have been written by a "nation state", some researchers have claimed.

    Coupled that with the fact that it seeks to find specifically 'Siemens' industrial control software ..... and complexity of techniques being applied (several of which are totally new according to this news bit) including multiple ways to spread itself; I think their speculation is very near to truth, and we can speculate which nation state that may be ;)

    Anyway, I guess, this sort of activity will only going to pick up in the longer run, beside it seems neither Siemens nor MS solutions are being used in any of the Iranian facilities in question ....... so the jury is out on utility of this tactic for me.

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