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By DonNagual
Aug 15, 2005
  1. What are the things to look for when buying a good surge protector? I just bought one, and it appears that it is not good enough for my power consumption. It starts beeping (the UPS that is) as soon as I start playing a game, whining that I am using too much power. Whimpy little thing.

    So I am going to buy a new one. What do I look for? How do I know it can handle my needs?
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    Sounds like your are hunting for a UPS, not a surge protector.

    Go to here and enter in all your equipment. Fill it all out. It will give you a list of TrippLite equipment. That's not really the important part. Look at what VA (ie... 550VA) or such that it suggests. Then go shopping for a UPS with at least that much VA.
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    Avoid using your computer until you get a new UPS, it can kill your computer when under-powered for your requirements for example.

    Buying a new UPS - Totaling your power usage in WATTs, add 30% (due to majority of consumer level UPSs didn't use sinusoidal outputs) to convert to VA, add another 25% (+3dB fudge factor) to the determined VA value for final nominal required UPS VA rating.
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