Suspend in Ubuntu 7.10

By gilloz
Jan 5, 2008
  1. Has anyone had any success in using the Suspend mode for their computer using Ubuntu 7.10? My computer only goes back to the Logon screen after clicking on the Suspend icon. I have asked this question in the Ubuntu forums and as of 2 days have had no replies. Anyone have a clue?
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    Thanks kimsland for the reply. My problem is that I have an nVidia FX-5500 card not an ATI card as the blog states.
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    Sorry should've said that's the extent of my knowledge on Ubuntu 7.10

    I only downloaded it last week, for my son's PC, and later found that Flash doesn't work.
    I've got around this though, by running IE for Windows (using wine ofcourse) and then loading Flash, but the text is still out, and my son doesn't like it !

    Lots of work for nothing !
  5. If suspend isn't working then that's a power management issue. Does a normal X restart work ok CTRL+ALT+BKSP, should take you back to the login prompt.

    Sometimes suspend functionality of some motherboards even fails to work in windows. You'd probably be better off asking this question in the ubuntu forums or by bumping your existing thread.

    For flash player you have to enable the universe and multiverse repositeries and download it through apt-get. There are thousands of threads about this on the ubuntu forums also. There is no way you should need IE under wine.
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