Swapping hard drives

By mx6driver
Dec 8, 2008
  1. I have a compaq computer that I have used for some-time and I recently got a toshiba portege tablet. I tried taking the hd out of the compaq and putting it into the toshiba, but it does not boot up.

    I have tried the pins on the hd so the compaq hd had the same as the toshiba hd
    I do not know much about the bios setting, I played with them a little bit, but it didnt work.

    how can I move my old HD into my new comp. I have all of my setting, files and software installed on the old comp and would rather not have to start from scratch.

  2. kimsland

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  3. mx6driver

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    would I use my windows cds from the old hard drive or from the new toshiba?

    also, my new toshiba does not have a cd rom----- but I do have an external cd rom that I can connect via USB

  4. kimsland

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    Use the Toshiba CDs
    Although some of the CDs may be Restore CDs, which may mean that they will first wipe all data off the drive

    Otherwise just use any standard Windows CD and you will need the key that goes with it
    But I'd prefer the Toshiba CDs and just start again

    As for USB CD Drive only. Well more confusion. This may or may not work, you really need the CD Drive that came with it. Or if broken, replaced.
  5. mx6driver

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    no cd drive came with the model I got. I have a version of Vista that does have tablet PC support. I will try that before I use the restore CD as I do not want to lose my data.......

    thanks for your help.
  6. kimsland

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    If you are very concerned about data
    Then you are best to connect the Harddrive using an adaptor, similar to this:

    And then backup your data, from a PC
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