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By melkiik
Jun 12, 2015
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  1. Hi techspotters,

    Changing graphichs cards and I think I need a little help with the gpu swap that I'm going make.

    You enthusiasts know how sometimes it is very important that the colors in your build match neatly. So what I'm thinking of buying a gtx 960 with the heatsink that is a mathcing color to my rigs green theme and swapping the heatsink to a (haven't decided yet 970/980) gtx 970 or 980.

    Is there some wild mosfets that I should be aware of, or are the card layouts same no matter 960,970,980 when it comes to cooling? I've been trying to make sense to it myself, but just can't seem to get a hold of it. Attaching some pictures to make it easier for you guys :)

    What I'm about to buy:
    upload_2015-6-12_9-59-0.jpeg upload_2015-6-12_10-20-2.jpeg
    And just put the green fanboard on the heatsink of gtx 970mis gaming.

    What do you think guys will it blend or are the fansetups different? :)

    best regards


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