Symantec being sued

By Phantasm66
Aug 3, 2004
  1. TrekEight, who make a product called Spyware Nuker (which can be used to help identify and eliminate spyware from your computer) have allegedly been suffering from poor sales because Symantec's Web site and Norton AntiVirus software classified the software as adware.

    San Diego based company TrekEight say this is utter nonsense, and they have begun legal proceedings. Symantec have yet to comment.
  2. This is the funniest thing ever..

    read this
    an advertising company who sells anti-spyware tools.. hmmm..

    AND it's not listed on becuase it DOES install spyware; wether it's in the license or not, spyware is still spyware.
  3. I'll be surprised if Camtech doesn't get sued also after reading both links posted above. What's posted at the spyware nuker site seems like a reasonable explanation.

    I have a feeling symantec is going to have to pay big on this one. Perhaps people will start to realize that the Internet is like the TV, and you can't just go on there and beat up on a company and say untrue things, no matter how much you hate them. The SpyWarrior site tested the software and also says Symantec is wrong, and that isn't good for Symantec.
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