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By tymeracer
Nov 12, 2006
  1. tymeracer sends: Running a 3200 AMD64,with nforce3 GA-K8NS Ultra-939.2x512 Ram,AGP- PNY-5700 LE-128bit,DVD,2 H/D.....Running XP Pro/32bit.......found 64 bit ver. still has aways to go,in support! looking to upgrade somewhat,but want to get the most Bang for the $$.any suggestions? AMD still has many good Dual,CPU- M/B's.I've built many systems....Intel's dual is tooo.........$$ @ this time,doesn't seem that long ago,that AMD64 hit ...For all those looking to upgrade to Vista,just remember,its for dual processor systems,with min. 2G Ram......I've tried it,its a memory hog,with lots of eye candy (got a sys.score of (3) out of a max of 5.9. and Vista still, has aways to go,for vendor support etc.Most Newer software will work fine,but older stuff....hum...maybe! Drivers and software support for 64bit.has been much slower,than many would have liked.
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