system disk required to boot new vista install

By herocrafter
Mar 31, 2007
  1. Looking for answers so I come to you guys. I bought vista upgrade and a new SATA harddrive. At first I just disconnected my old EIDA harddrive and tried to install vista on the new one. That didn't work because it was an upgrade and it required the old windows. No problem. I connected both popped in vista. Found I had to change my boot priority in bios to the dvd that had vista in it, but then install went well. Thats the background.

    Now the problem. I cannot start vista w/o the vista disk in the dvd. If I remove the disk and start the computer I get: Diskboot Failure insert system disk and press enter. However with the vista disk in the dvd I first get press any key to boot from cd or dvd which I ignore cause I don't want to install it again. Then the Windows boot manager comes up. Here I can choose to run the eariler windows or vista. Also of note, when I exit vista w/o the vista disk in the dvd tray the computer never shuts down.

    I also then tried to disconnect the old drive and just have the new drive connected. Yet when I start up that way the computer just load the vista disk in the dvd and begins the install process. So I then I changed the boot priorty to just the harddrive and back to that diskboot failre insert system disk and press enter error message.

    Help me please.
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