System preparation question, new mobo

By G_Mez
Aug 6, 2009
  1. I am about to do the ol MB swap on an XP Home OEM SP3 installation. I know the dangers and have the old drive already cloned and in a safe place. The new SATA cloned drive is connected to the old MB via an ide-sata adapter, it boots up and runs fine. I have read that before running sysprep you need the cd key. The system is still running the original key from Dell and has never to my knowledge been swapped to the COA key on the case. ( I used aida32 to retreive the key and it doesn't match the COA - ergo I think it is the one Dell used back in the day). I know I will have to reactivate windows once I reseal XP, my question is do I go ahead and chage the key now before I sysprep/reseal or do I just use the one I got from aida32 to unpack the old installation ? I am leaning towards changing it pre-reseal so I know I have the right key and to avoid reactivation issues later.
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    You are ok. Dell uses a blanket key for each Service Tag series. Nowadays when you call Dell, they interrogate you about the install as they can detect the difference. You are best to use either the key on the case sticker or the one that came with your install disk... Other keys will not work too long. If Microsoft detects the difference you will be required to call and explain or run an authorization online.
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