System Restore-AOLTSMON-LAN setup

By revesnowj
Aug 20, 2006
  1. Friday evening I used MS’s Network wizard (on a 2002 Micron PC 266mhz P4 running XP Home) to set up a LAN connection for file sharing (no HS internet connection). I therefore selected “other” on the appropriate screen and when finished with the wizard, rebooted. Following the reboot, aoltsmon.exe began using huge amounts of cpu time and memory to the point that PC was at a crawl and effectively disabled. Using task monitor to end aoltsmon.exe required 5 end tasks to stop it, but it just restarted next bootup. Additional reboots did not help, but eventually I managed to figure out how to disable AOLTSMON (admin tolls/services). Beginning with the reboot after running the wizard I also started getting "Mobile Device Properties" popup on booting warning "The TCP/IP network transport is not installed". Also, both Earthlink (logs on but can't find web pages) and AOL (won't log on; note - properties for AOL show firewall enabled but it won't respond to attenpts to disable it) stopped working (so I'm using my laptop to post this). Rerunning the wizard with different choices did not help. I went to do a system restore and found that although it is enabled with max disk space, the only available restore point was this morning's boot up. HELP! What happened and how do I fix it?

    P.S. If it makes a difference, the PC was hooked to a D-Link ERB-2310router/switch (which was hooked to nothing else) when I first ran the wizard.
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