System Shock remake lands on Kickstarter, play the demo now

By Shawn Knight
Jun 29, 2016
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  1. Night Dive revealed late last year that it was working on a complete remake of the 1994 classic System Shock. Now, the developer has taken the project to Kickstarter in hopes of generating at least $900,000 to finish and deliver the game by the end of next year.

    System Shock has been built from the ground up using the Unity Engine, a powerful cross-platform game engine that’s been in commission for more than a decade. Unlike some of the video game pitches you see on Kickstarter that offer little more than a wing and a prayer, Night Dive has prepared a playable demo of System Shock that’s available to try as of writing via Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

    A pledge of $30 guarantees you a digital copy of the game on Xbox One, Steam or GOG as well as a digital Tri-Optimum handbook and a repair bot forum SSR badge. There was a $25 reward tier for the game but it has already sold out.

    Bumping up to the $75 tier gets you a physical copy of System Shock in a steel case plus other extras while the $150 Big Box Collector’s Edition includes even more swag. Those willing to drop at least 5K in support of the project can expect a 14” Razer Blade gaming laptop with custom System Shock laser printed artwork as well as rewards from previous tiers.

    As of writing, the System Shock Kickstarter has raised more than $500,000 from over 8,000 backers with 28 days remaining. At this rate, Night Dive should blow past its $900,000 goal and maybe even hit some stretch goals.

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    Shaddup and take my money

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