T2240 Motherboard/Video Card Issues

By thegreatkamikaz
May 27, 2006
  1. I have an eMachines T2240 that I've been upgrading over the years and have put a lot of money into. But recenlty I've been looking to upgrade my video card again to the top of the line and none of the ones I've looked at work with a PCI. The motherboard is a M/B,IMPERIAL-GLVE(EMA):845GL(B1),W/LAN and I'm considering putting a new motherboard in with either available AGP slots or a PCI express but I don't want to be able to use the RAM upgrades I've bought in a new motherboard. If anyone could suggest a motherboard that would be compatable with the one I already have but with either AGP or PCI express, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    It uses an Intel Celeron, 2.20 GHz 2.19Ghz. As for the socket type I'm not sure. Part of the problem is I have lost the manual for the motherboard.
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    Try this mobo.
    U will need to use an AGP card like this one coz PCI Express mobos are almost non-existent for Celerons and if they exist, have PCI-E x1 slots which are of no use, making AGP cards the ideal choice for u.
    Its an awesome card and will run all games on full detail. Read the reviews and decide for urself. And it is cutting edge, having been released very recently.
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