Task manager closing/some programs won't open...

By BabaBooey
Jun 27, 2005
  1. Pretty much the same problems as over yonder. Was just going to post there, but it looks like I had problems with my HJT and that yall prefer not posting HJT files in other people's threads. Here's what I posted, hopefully I get things right this time:

    I want to headbutt this fvcking thing in the tit. I'm having the same problem as most have mentioned (some programs do not open at all, task manager won't open except in Safe Mode.) all occuring at my uncle's office where the workers apparently open up any email they recieve. Nothing unusual in MSCONFIG that I can see, just AVG and a few other things I googled that turn out OK. No winupdates.exe found as recommended by Symantec's gaobot fix that was previously brought up in this thread. When I went to try the windows/system32 as mentioned earlier, it tries to access a webpage, but the internet is not currently working at all on one infected computer and VERY sporadically on the other. Here's that fancy HJT dealy that all the kids seem to be using these days (newest one, have fixed all as recommended by one of your FAQ threads):

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