Tearing at 30 fps?

By karoloydi
Jun 19, 2005
  1. Is that normal? I have lcd monitor on my dell 9100. The max suported refresh rate is 60 Hz. How come I get tearing even at 30 fps? V-Sync seems to fix that problem..
  2. YellowC4S

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    Actually, LCD's do not have true refresh rates in like the CRT's. The only "refrash rate" you will find is 60mhz which is the average response time of about 12-17ms lcd's. I honestly would not mess with the refresh rates for any LCD unless you are extremly technically savey on LCD's. If you want to, do the research on the lcd to find out its optimal mhz at each setting and do not go above that. If you do not watch it you can destroy the LCD"s without even realizing it. If you are trying it get a higher FPS on a LCD you would have to adjust game settings or tweak some of the AA or other settings like that on the LCD but try not to adjust the refresh rate since all LCD's are designed to operate at an optimal specified response rate in ms not mhz. I am sure someone will read this and give you the actualy ms to mhz conversion if you want it. Lastly keep everything at default refresh rates if at all possible adjust other settings but not the refresh rate if you can help it. LCD displays in the 17" and 19" range can be found that have 12ms ratings - that's equivalent to an 83.3Mhz refresh rate. Hope this helps. :)
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