The GF4 Aniso bug problem: possible solution?

By Falkentyne
May 6, 2002
  1. The GF4 Aniso problem: has anyone thought of this....?

    Seeing that the GF3 doesn't have the multitexturing bug that the GF4 does, when doing anisotropic filtering in Direct3D, has ANYONE tried installing a GF4 "manually" as a GF3? It might be hell getting it to work (hell, it might be hell getting it to load windows), but if one of you clever people could get it to render 3D without it locking up, perhaps you could see if Anisotropic filtering works properly (it doesn't cut your multitexturing fillrate in half, basically disabling multitexturing completely) with the GF4 using it as a GF3?

    The fillrate of single texturing and multitexturing is exactly the same, with aniso enabled. So the card isn't multitexturing at all, which cuts your fillrate in half.

    Now, trying to install a GF4 as a GF3 might not even be halfway possible with XP, but I could see some hacking going on with 98SE...

    It might require the 27.xx drivers for it to work, though.

    The only reason to do this is just to see if multitexturing works with d3d aniso enabled....*IF* you can even get video.....

    Anyone brave enough to try?
  2. Rick

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    Re: The GF4 Aniso problem: has anyone thought of this....?

    I wasn't aware of a mutli-texturing/anisortopic bug, but that's a bad one if it exists. You see... I'm using an ATI Radeon 64DDR and I'm used to bugs. :eek: Just kidding (for the most part), but do driver versions fix this problem? I find it kind of funny that nVidia would muck up their multi texturing/anisotropic filtering over and over again in their drivers without any effort to fix it. It has to be a software bug, because if it was hardware I think nVidia would be "making the news" with some bad press.

    Might there be some sort of tweaking utility that could enable aniso? Has this been done? Maybe silly nVidia forgot to enable it. :eek:
  3. Falkentyne

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    Yikes, I wasn't clear at all in the original message. That's what I get for typing stuff when I'm half sleep.....

    Anisotropic filtering works on the GF4, and looks great. But multitexturing is disabled when using it ! In other words, the fill rate is literally cut in half !

    The 2nd TMU is apparently not even being used (or the fillrate for both are cut in half). You can test this easily by using 3dmark fillrate test with aniso of 2 or higher enabled. Your single texturing and multitexturing scores will be exactly the same.....the same as single texturing.

    A Geforce3 with aniso enabled will **BEAT** you in the multitexturing test.....meaniing, it is _faster_ than the GF4's.
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