The Scoop on In-Game Ads

By Maikeru
Aug 9, 2007
  1. Have you recently noticed a few dynamic in-game advertisements while playing a video game? If not, you may not be paying close enough attention... ;)

    CBS news linkage
    In-game ads gone too far?

    More game companies are even signing deals regarding in-game ads.

    The topic even has its own Wikipedia page! :)

    A bit more reading material:
    As for my personal opinion on dynamic in-game ads in video games, I honestly don't mind too much - especially if the advertisement fits into the game. You know how it is... I don't want to see a hamburger sign in the middle of a Martian landscape. But if ATI or Intel wants to throw up an ad for a LAN party or something, and if it fits, why not?

    With the extremely high cost of game development, expect this type of thing to happen more in the future IMO.


    Maikeru Hatamoto
  2. Julio Franco

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  3. Maikeru

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  4. Stick'o ram

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    I think I remeber reading about it in a EGM magazine once (i think it was egm, probaly was...) they do it to bring down the costs of game development and pass the savings on to you... right :suspiciou
  5. Cinders

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    The only game I could see advertising real world products in would be The Matrix, Sims Online, Second Life or any "rea"l world simulation. I'd not like seeing ads in Everquest, WoW, UO or any purely fantasy simulation. I'd really like ads to stay out of game.
  6. Maikeru

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    Stick'o ram: Considering the already high cost of creating and developing a video game, I am surprised to hear how many gamers are not very forgiving towards in-game ads.

    Cinders: I hope gamers will not have to deal with ads in any game that they already have to pay per month to play. ;)
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